Best Computer Course in India 2020

Best Computer Course in India 2020

The present time is an era of computers and technology where every student wants to develop his skill for the best computer course. We have brought to you information about the Best computer course running in 2020.

Let's know the best computer courses in India -2020
Best Computer Course in India 2020
Best Computer Course in India 2020
  1. Certificate / Diploma in Programming Languages

​​IF u want to learn Programming languages ​​are the languages ​​of a computer such as Python, JAVA, C ++, C, MySQL, etc. After receiving a certificate or diploma in a programming language, the students have an option to go for a detailed course as this short-term course only teaches basic things. Although there is no shortage of opportunities for these kinds of students, yet it is advised that the students should go for an advanced course. Students with a diploma/certificate in programming languages ​​can easily get hired as a software tester, software developers, etc. in the technology sector

  1. Computer-Aided Design and Drawing (CADD)

One of the best courses for those students with a technical background can opt for this Computer-Aided Design and Drawing short-term course. The students learn about various CAD programs and Softwares like Infraworks, Fusion360, AutoCAD, etc. Short-term computer course like this one can increase the knowledge of the engineering graduates whereas ITI degree/diploma holders can easily land upon drafting related jobs after the completion of the course

3 Hardware and Networking courses

Many Indian students are well aware of these courses. His advertisement keeps appearing in the Newspaper and TV every now and then. As they promise, these courses guarantee jobs (if you complete the course from a reputed institute).

When it comes to computer hardware and networking, the most popular institute is Jetking. They have a good placement record. They offer a variety of courses- the long and short term. Bright students may also avail scholarships at Jetking.

After finishing this course, you may easily get jobs in various IT industries. If you think you have entrepreneurship in your blood, you may start a small business!

Best Computer Course in India 2020

4  Web Designing

Web designing is a great opportunity for those who want to work at home independently. Web designing courses deal with various elements of making and expanding a site. It consists of learning coding languages ​​like PHP, JavaScript, Html, etc.

There is a number of hundred private institutes that offer such a course. One of the best institutes in India is the Arena group of institutes.

In this institute Most of these courses last 1 year (professional web designing). After completing it, the student is awarded a diploma certificate in web designing. There is another short time period course available too (3- 6 months long).

But it is better to go for professional web designing (1-year long course). If you want to work as a freelancer you have to choose this course first.

5  MS Office Certificate Program

Ms office is the most useable program which is used in the world. Every student has to learn this course because this is a 3-month or 6-month program where the students are taught about the top-used and prominent applications of Microsoft Office like MS Powerpoint, MS Access, MS Excel, MS Word. In this course, students learn about painting. Students learn how to use these applications on a regular basis.

The students after receiving the certificate/diploma in MS Office Certificate Program become efficient at the workplace as well. Certificate / Diploma holders are best suited for front-end office jobs where computers are used as a school, colleges, restaurants, shops, hotels, etc.

6  Tally

IF you are in commerce background so the tally is the most useable and important course for you.

A tally is accounting software. Tally courses teach you how to use tally efficiently. Tally is trusted by many big companies and the Government to store and transfer financial statements.

Tally software is updated and it becomes necessary to master the latest version of the software. You may do this course at various private institutes. I recommend to do it from NIIT (they have the latest Tally. ERP 9 software). They offer diploma courses in Finance and Accounting. After finishing the course, you will easily get jobs in private companies.

Best Computer Course in India 2020

7 Short-term Web Design and Development  

This short-term course can be completed in both three months or six months where the students learn a great deal about how to create and maintain e-commerce sites, professional blogs, and all types of websites. Topics like multimedia and web scripting & graphics are the dominant topics in this course. Technical aspects such as Hosting & Servers, CMSs, etc are taught in this short-term course. In the graphics section, the students learn about multimedia, animation, and graphics design whereas the web scripting section deals with JavaScript, JAVA, PERL, PHP, CSS, HTML, Web Editors, etc. After completing the course, the students can easily find themselves as Design Consultants, Web Designers, etc. on e-commerce sites, Tech Startups or Online Publishing Platforms

8  Multimedia and Animation

If you want a job in the media Industry you should choose this course Short-term course in multimedia and animation has become one of the most favored courses in 2020. In the course, the students learn a thing or two about Multimedia Design, Game Design & Animation, Film Design & Animation, Basics of Animation, VFX, and VFX Pro. Candidates can get employed as a VFX Professional, Visual Effects Artist, Film Animation Professional, Art & Creative Director, Instructor, etc. The students can also work as a freelancer after course-completion

9  SEO and Internet marketing-

In this time short-term course in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very good course to purse and a certificate or diploma in SEO can bear fruitful results in the foreseen future. SEO basically teaches the tips and tricks to help a website rank in the search engine result page. Because the techniques to help a website rank on the SERP changes frequently, a highly-skilled SEO professional can get lucrative job opportunities in India. Both online and offline SEO short-term courses pay rich dividends. After holding a certificate from a reputed institute, the students can become website auditors, SEO Consultants, Project Managers, SEO Professionals, etc.

10  Digital Marketing  

If are in a technical field and if you have this course by pursuing a short-term course in digital marketing, the students get to cover a wide range of topics like Lead Generation, Brand Management, A / B Testing, Smo, Analytics, Email Marketing, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing & Writing, and SEO. The students can enroll themselves for the digital marketing course in both online and offline modes. Most of the recognized Digital Marketing institutes offer certificate and diploma courses. SEO Professionals, Digital Marketing Instructors, Post-completion of study, the students can become SEO Consultants, Online Brand Management Professionals, Digital Marketers, etc.

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