What is the CET Exam? What is The NRA?

What is the CET Exam? What is The NRA?

Today we have brought information about the most important subject for you. What is the CET Exam? What is The NRA?

The Government of India cabinet has announced the creation of a National Recruitment Agency for Students in August 2020, which will organize a Common Exam CET of 30 million students seeking employment in India.

Let us know about CET and NRA

What is the CET Exam? What is The NRA?
What is the CET Exam? What is The NRA?

What is the NRA?

National Recruitment Agency is an autonomous body that will conduct the exam CET for Bank, Railway, and SSC every year.

Around 30 million students preparing for examinations in India through NRE will benefit.

What is the CET?

The CET will be a common eligibility test, through which students preparing for the job will have to give an exam, whose certificate will be given to them, the exam will be conducted twice a year, after which you will be able to give any exam of SSC, Bank or Railways.

What is the qualification to sit in the CET exam?

The conduct of the CET exam will be different for different cadres, such as SSC clerk is 12 pass, it will also have 12 pass and Graduation criteria is set for Bank Po, then you have to do graduation to sit in the CET exam also.

What is the syllabus of the CET exam?

There are currently no celebs of the CET exam. For your information, it is a common exam, so it will definitely have General Knowledge Knowledge, Maths, Science, and General English.

When will the CET exam schedule?

At present, no date has been set for the conduct of this exam, it may be in 2021

Where are the exam centers of the CET exam?

The exam will depend on the application of the center students, as far as the chance is there, it will be an exam in every district.

All examinations of 2020 will be canceled?

If the CET is not organized in 2020, then any question arises regarding the chance of any exam.

What are the benefits of giving CET exams?

By giving the CET exam, students will get a certificate so that they will be able to apply in any exam easily.

To sit in all the examinations of SSC, Bank, Railway, and RRB one time you have to pass the CET exam.

For how many years will the certificate of the CET be valid?

There is a question in the mind of many students that for how many years this certificate will be valid, then according to the government rules, it will be valid for 3 years with a student can take the exam again to get good marks.

In which language will the exam be CET?

The paper for this exam will be in Hindi English and all languages running in India.

How many types of CET exams will be?

This exam for class 10

For class 12

And will be different for graduation

How often can a CET exam be given?

The CET exam can be given any number of times by a student, no limit has been fixed in it.

What will be the fee for the CET exam?

The fees for the exam for the CET will be the same as for every exam, not all its guidelines have been received.

What is the age limit in the CET exam?

The age limit of the CET exam like every exam which is currently prescribed and there will also be a provision for relaxation in the age limit as per the rules of reservation.

What is the CET Exam? What is The NRA?

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