Education and the change it needs right

Education and the change it needs right

I would like to speak about education and the change it needs right so education and the change it needs so what do you think does it need a change yes how big yes yes

now why yes it is because we the educated class of India are not knowing the difference between being educated  and acting educated we all think we are educated just because you bring to schools because we have big degrees

because people call us and people callus to  and we think we are educated right no that’s not education is when you can actually successfully apply what you have learned in reality as long as you learn something you know that

you have to water a plant to nurture it and to make it grow and when you don’t do that when you don’t water a plant while going that you have to do it for its growth then  you are not educated you have to apply what you have learned to be called educated

and this is what is lacking in the entire system and that is why our system needs a huge change and the change is big that has to come accretes to be very big now let’s go a little

further now this picture is very familiar to all of you we have all seen this before isn’t it so what does it say for a fair selection everybody has to take the

same examination so please climb the tree so if you ask an elephant or dog a rat a fish everybody to just

Education and the change it needs right

climb a tree to assess them is it fair but that is what our education system is to us now mostly speakers one is one of us is into photography one offices into

sports one of us is into education service into design so all of us are going to various fields now if we are all going through the same process of testing then it’s not fair to anybody of

us isn’t it so that is what needs to change in our system so this is predominantly what we shall discuss in the next 15 or minutes let’s hear a small story so this was when I was traveling when yeah this happened when I was travelling in a

train and there was a mother and a son and the mother was explaining to this very young son son look outside all the farmers are harvesting all the paddy

fields and they are you know processing all the rice everything now suddenly the son asked what what is all that so what

does it become later because this is looking brown nothing

else then the mother said that is what becomes rice they get rise from that farmers get rise from that so the son immediately has now this sandwich I am talking

about is a very young boy five years so he has don’t we just get it inthe supermarket why are they getting it

from young in this no you should look at

Education and the change it needs right

the expression of this mother she was flummoxed let me tell you now what failed in the story did the son thing or did the system fail yes it’s the system that failed

so that is what requires but he would change we the son it’s not that the son did not know that rice was aware

he knows that rice is coming from a plant or from oh sure from whatever itis coming from and he knows that it is

available in the supermarket he just couldn’t apply it so that is where the system is not able to reach the goal now this story what I told you it’s not just a story now this is the paper clipping of the same story which I

wrote and which got published in the Hindu in 2009 so in this equipping it’s it’s not clear for obvious reasons but still in this article itself I mentioned that children must experience certain things rather than

just learning them with books going on now if we have to process this entire thing what am i driving it what is the entire top driving it so we need to process how we want to go about it so let me process this entire thing first

if everybody has to in the process of

Education in our system this has to be

done the first step learning has to be done every one of us have to learn everyday then you develop a passion amongst the various things that you learn every day you develop a passion for one of those things and then you

might want to get it you keep it in that area now this application part is what I concentrate upon unless we apply what we have learned it’s all waste you have to apply if you have learned everything about photography like so and you don’t

take photographs what is the meaning so you need to apply if you learn a technique you don’t use it what is the meaning so apply it and then you succeed so well that is

the original process that should be followed what is happening in reality is no process followed nothing at all we just go to

school we come back from school we say

we are educated I have a tenth class

degree I have a 12th class degree I have this I have that but there is no process we just go along with the flow and then the most bad part of the entire story is success is measured only in grades so let’s analyze again what has been done

in the past let’s start with the

learning process which has been done in the past let’s go to our gurus so you must have all heard of Shri Adi  Shankaracharya right so this man was taught by his teacher that he had to spread the word of advaitha philosophy

or Advaita Vedanta philosophy whatever on the banks of Yamuna and he was given the tools to do it and now this disciple he just did it and he is one of the most successful students and gurus why do we remember him otherwise right so that is

what happened when something was told it

was followed it was followed to Ooty and then it was applied so that is what made education at that that is education that is what made it successful back then what

should be done so let’s talk into what should be done about it we should start learning where does this

learning start it starts with ourselves it starts at home it it goes on up till school and you also learn from the environment is your surroundings like today all of us I have learnt from all the wonderful speakers

didn’t we we did so that’s learning from the surroundings or the environment we

all have been it all of us are going to call it all of your students of geetam you are learning something it’s a school ok college as you call it but still it’s a school we’re not learning at home you’ll learn home is the place where you learn a lot of things and you have to

learn from wnow learning about

self I’ll come to that it’s a continuous process now about this learning yeah that’s the first step – this is the first step if you have to get educated yeah so this is an example like one of these reset days we all wake up in the

morning and look into our mobile phones the first thing I do is look into my mobile phone how many of you do so and I look into my phone I have 10 notifications minimum of which one

birthday today is ABC’s anniversary today XYZ I changed this photograph profile picture and then there was a fourth notification you know what it’s a 21 things you have been doing wrong your whole life and then I learnt about amongst those 21 things have really been

doing 15 things wrong and this is justhttps:/56/

an example you know use a juice bottles Tropicana real whatever we use I

let’s pour the juice with the nozzle downwards and that is why I have that  spirit splash glug glug kind of flew out of that bottle but the right way of pouring it is this putting the nozzle upwards I didn’t know this now in this I

apply this example now I’ve learned this while I’m not passionate about opening juice bottles every day I still got educated and I will apply it my whole life and I will be successful my whole life in pouring out the juice the right

way right so that is what I’m talking

about now you should apply this right from opening a juice bottle which was in your carrier your career your passion your interest everything now passion is not found every other day and for some it is never found at all right once found it

really drives you it does now if I go and ask my student in my school plastics come here boy yes ma’am he says I said what is your passion he tells me ma’am playing ps2 so it’s not the right age to ask a question so the idea is to find

out a passion is where we are all in we are you are all in but if you have to find it you have to learn things you should acknowledge that you are learning things

you should apply what you have learned and then see if that is what you want to do for the rest of your life

this is what schools need to teach children now I would like to give you my story now like as I was introduced I come from a family of doctors in the very first circle including

my parents my sister of her husband everybody I have our own 15 doctors in my family and

I chose not to be a doctor just because

at that point as a young girl from class 12 I thought this was not my cup of tea so nowhere is the system not successful for us the real-world skills the life skills how to be street smart no we’re not being successful there this is what

should be taught to our children we

should teach them to be street smart then the soft skills these are very important these days you should to behave yourself how to be how to walk how to talk everything the application of what they learn in school and then processing these

thoughts and giving independent thought

this should also be practiced every child should have independence of

thought one more thing which we need to teach our children now now I went at this point because it’s very important in the Indian scenario sex education in

the right sense we should teach our girls and boys what is right and what is wrong how to respect each other how to

Differentiate between a good touch and a xcbad touch how to protect yourself all

these is what we need our children to learn at school now if we can educate with passion now this slide shows how we can make education very interesting for

children if a teacher can teach

mathematics like this using Lego blocks and ask him to do an activity then it will be good right so that is what should be done education should be made more passionate

and how do we bring the change mix up study and play not so the inquisitive nature of kids kids have lots of questions nurture all of that so that

they’ll bring out their creativity

they’ll bring out their potential it’s

our duty to nurture it let them taste success I can’t them at schools they’ll be very

happy look at the big picture the team of this  look at the big picture we are looking at in years future channelize all your energies in the right direction that’s also very important so what do we achieve after all of this what we achieve is

successful people that is successful

people in life who make successful people that’s their children so we are

talking about the next two generations and then our place in the world stage next servants I was talking he was talking about creating a stage for India in the world creating a place for India

that’s what we create and then oh very happy and satisfied education someone like me will be very happy yes I am creating wonderful future citizens of this country and ultimately we’ll all create a beautiful nation we’ll create

the best doctors the best engineers the best animation people the best photographer is the best everybody will be the best and what will this all finally make yes sir better nation so on that note looking at a very bright India

thank you so much


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