Greatly Improving Your GPA…

Greatly Improving Your GPA…

If you want to break into academic superstardom you owe it to yourself to read every word of this important message…

What if you could get good grades in any high school or college course by simply assimilating certain selected information during the first day or two of the class? Greatly Improving Your GPA…

And then, for the rest of the semester you simply need to show up for class, listen and take a few notes? Would that sound like something you could use?

Learning & Getting Good Grades Doesn’t Have To Be Hard…

And what if as a result of assimilating that select info you were certain to pass the course with flying colors, no matter how difficult it may appear to be? Well, you can do just that and then some. Obviously I can’t guarantee a particular letter grade because I don’t know whether you’ll even use the technique. It’s called The Scientific Study Method and it works like a charm. More on that in a bit.

My Old Philosophy Professor Reveals The Secret…

Back in my college days I worked full time while attending school full time. The schedule was grueling and after a few semesters I was pretty frazzled. I’d made friends with one of my professors and would stop by his office from time to time to chat. One day he asked why I seemed so beat. I told him I’d been working and taking a full load in school for the past three semesters.

He laughed and said he’d done pretty the same thing many years before. Then he asked me if I would be interested in learning a new study trick that would make school a breeze. I was all ears.

First he explained a little bit about how the mind works and then he told me about the method. I was blown away and he could see it. It was almost too simple.

Old Dog, New Tricks…

He just chuckled and said he’d used the method after getting out of the Army and attending college while he was raising a family and working full time. He was a veteran of the Korean War and had learned the method from another GI. Now, this guy was one of my favorite teachers and he really knew his stuff so I was very interested in what he had to say. I just couldn’t understand how it could be so easy.

Then he suggested that maybe I should give the method a try and see what happens. So I did. And it made all the difference. I’d been doing pretty well juggling both school and work but what he shared literally gave me my life back. And, it increased my GPA from just below a 3.0 to 3.8 by the end of the following semester. The Scientific Study Method works!

Educational Voodoo…

It all sounds like educational Voodoo, doesn’t it? Well it’s not. As a human being your mind, with the help of your little ole brain, can deliver similar results without even raising a drop of cerebral perspiration. In other words, it’s no sweat!

Notice I made a distinction between the brain and the mind. That’s because they aren’t the same… not even close. In reality, your brain takes instruction from your mind. And since that’s true, doesn’t it make sense to get your mind to instruct your brain to bring you more of the things you truly want? Of course it does.

Simple & Very Powerful…

The Scientific Study Method will show you a very simple yet powerful way to give your mind instructions that will serve you, in this case the end result is easy learning. You see, you’re in charge of your destiny depending on the instructions you give yourself but you probably haven’t become fully aware of that, yet…

The Scientific Study Method is a powerful learning strategy, yet it’s not like anything else you’ve ever seen. No, not even close. This strategy cuts through all the frustration associated with learning new things and allows you to use nature’s gifts to humanity, your mind and your brain. By now you’re wondering how it works. Okay, let’s take a look.

Reticular Activating System (RAS)

It’s not my intention to turn this page into a discussion on human neurology but it is important to understand one of the basic functions of your brain so you can better understand how The Scientific Study Method works.

The reticular activating system, or RAS for short, is a part of your brain responsible for some basic functions. The one of interest to us is arousal or awareness. In this case, awareness based on past observations and experiences. In other words, once you’ve consciously noticed something, the chances are excellent you’ll notice it again in the future. The following example will make it clear.

Car Shopping…

Let’s say you’re in the market for a new car, or perhaps a used car. Either way, you set out on your expedition to find a car that will meet your needs with no particular make or model in mind. You may shop around for a few weeks and then finally decide on a nice, pre-owned Porsche.

After you have the car for a day or two you start noticing tons of Porsches. They’re everywhere. They’ve always been everywhere but now that YOU have one, you notice them all over creation. You never even thought of that particular car before and now, they pop onto your radar like crazy. Interesting? Maybe not earth shattering stuff but that’s your RAS in action.

Program Your Own Brain For Scholastic Success…

So what’s the point? This part of your brain can alert you randomly about things like your new car. Or… you can give it deliberate instructions to alert you to things that will serve you, things like your studies.

And that’s the magic of The Scientific Study Method. You’re going to easily recognize the things most important to your studies, things like the facts and figures you’ll need to know when testing time rolls around. Things that will increase your learning retention and help you to get better grades.

Is This Hypnosis Or Some Sort Of Mind Control?

No way. It’s neither. At least not in the traditional sense. The phrase mind control is most often used in referring to people wanting to control others. But with The Scientific Study Method, mind control refers to YOU controlling your own mind in a constructive way. That is, to deliver back to you information you’ll need in any course you take at the time you’ll need it most. And the really great thing about it is, it’s simple and easy to do.

One Night Of Light Study Before Class Even Commences…

The trick to scientific study is to give your brain a heads-up about what’s important to learn and retain before you embark on the course of study. You can give your brain that heads-up by making sure to plant critical “learning cues” right at the start of the semester.

So what do I mean by learning cues? I’m talking about particular bits of important information the instructor will deliver to you in the early going, usually on the first day of class. These are the cues. With scientific study, these cues are designed to make you aware of what’s important later on when it comes time for lecture, quizzes, term papers and exams.

In other words, you’re going to have a huge advantage because you’ve deliberately internalized these cues during the first few days of the class. And when you hear certain information given during the term, you’re brain will light up saying, that stuff is important, let me make a note of it. It’s simple.

Once you know what the cues are, the rest of the semester is a breeze. Most instructors will give you the information right up front on the first day of class. The thing is, no one is really paying attention because it comes across as just another orientation to class lecture. And even if one were paying attention, it’s likely they they won’t see the significance of the info or how to put it to work.

Your education experience will never be the same once you know what’s important and how to assimilate it. Your ability to learn and dramatically improve your grades will go into warp speed.

Can You Follow Simple Instructions?

The simple strategy in The Scientific Study Method works every time even if you haven’t been the best of students in the past. But, you have to make it work by following a few simple instructions.

Again, this is not some collection of monotonous educational theory but a true scientific method for study and learning where you assimilate knowledge efficiently without any of the white-knuckle strain you may have experienced in you past courses.

Alone, this simple and uncommon strategy, will help you to retain so much more you’ll be amazed at yourself. The method doesn’t completely remove the need for studying, but makes studying easy because you’ll know exactly what to study and what you can skim through.

A Turbo Charged Traditional Study Method Adds To Your Power

But I’m not stopping there. Back when I learned this technique I was truly amazed at the results. Seeing how powerful The Scientific Study Method was, I came up with a companion strategy that held  more to traditional lines of study and enhanced the Scientific Study Method significantly.

And, I’m including this “optional” method along with the scientific study technique. Greatly Improving Your GPA…  I’m sure you’re already familiar with the basic concept, but the way I’ve used in conjunction with scientific study turns it into a turbo-charged beast.

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