How to Get 1 Lakh Rs Job ?

How to Get 1 Lakh Rs Job ?

For a good career, it is very important to have a good education as well as a good job in the future. If you are a student, you must have thought in your life at some point how to earn 1 lakh rupees per month?

Let us know some such fields in How to Get 1 Lakh Rs Job ?

How to Get 1 Lakh Rs Job ?
How to Get 1 Lakh Rs Job ?

How to Get 1 Lakh Rs Job ?

1 College Professor –

College professor’s job is best for those people who want to do their work according to a fixed time table, you can easily get 10 to 5 tips in it, as well as you can speak very well about a topic, so this It will definitely put four moons in your work

To get into this profession, you can easily get into this field bypassing the NET exam after post-graduation.

2 Doctor –

If you want status with a professional job, then you can become a good doctor by doing MBBS, you can start a salary of Rs 1 lakh from the beginning in this profession.

You have to pass the exam of AIPMT after 12 to go to this field, after that you can study for 4 years and become a good doctor.

India’s premier medical college is in New Delhi

3 Engineering

Presently, the credibility of this profession has fallen a bit because it seems that everywhere you will get unemployed with engineering pass, but I would like to say that this field is the best field from which you can get a good job as well as your own. If you want to start up, you will be able to do this easily

To become a high-class engineer, you can achieve this feat by studying in some good colleges, you can pass the exam of IIT -JEE and get a big amount of money by studying a good rank college.

India’s premier engineering institute is located in Delhi, Mumbai

4 Scientist

In India, there is a big problem in the mind of the children about going to this field because it is necessary for them to get a job in their life as soon as possible after their studies, but I want to say to those students that if you study for a few more years You can move towards becoming a scientist

5 Management

People are very interested in the management of the field that they can also run a big company in their life, but they are not able to achieve this due to not going in the right direction according to the time.

In India, if you want to study management from a good college, then you can achieve this status by bypassing the exam of cat and getting a degree from a good college.

Management is a subject where if you wish to get a job abroad, then that dream can also be fulfilled by your seat.

India’s premier management college is located in IIM Ahmedabad.

How to Get 1 Lakh Rs Job ?
How to Get 1 Lakh Rs Job ?

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