IAS officer Victory Beyond The Mountain

IAS officer Victory Beyond The Mountain

hi  so I think all of us would agree when I say this that when ever really know where life is heading where life takes us life just happens back in 2016

IAS officer 1 Rank Victory Beyond The Mountain  I had no idea that one fine day I’ll wake up and I’ll find myself to have stopped

one of the most toughest and competitive exams in India it it was just unbelievable that so much of good fortune was bestowed on me by God and now after two years of being part of  this glorious service III simply have no words how it feels

and when I finally when I finally go and do my first posting in October this year I am very excited for it I think being in the Indian Administrative Service probably is the biggest blessing I’ve ever received who knew that

you know just by sitting in office alone let alone the field work that we do one has the opportunity to change the lives of so many and according to me somehow I feel that efficient civil service can be considered to be the highest form of social activism

because social activism probably you know begins by activating the surroundings the people to some social cause the civil service does much more than that it not just activates youit brings tangible outcomes results

when a government program or policy is executed perfectly and I think the is is the gate to limitless opportunities of doing good to this nation and when I joined my first posting October this year I know I have a long way to go

and I’m pretty sure that in 1012 years I’ll be coming back here for a talk to tell you what all I have been doing I’ll come but I think probably for a much greater cause and not just as a first Runkle but how am I here what has brought me here what’s my life story

I think it all began in the year 2014my life was no different than that of a ordinary is a spirit a student buddied neck deep with books news papers magazines notes maps and I think my only privilege was that I was living in Delhi which offers you so many opportunities

and I was born in a clubin a middle-class family parents who could not give me this education but ifI look back what really sail me through these stormy days of preparation what do things persistence and perseverance

I am of the opinion that you can be an IIT and you can be an MBA graduate you can be a doctor from Ames you can be an Ivy League graduate you could be the next Einstein but what really sails youth rough this examination

is the ability to go through that monotonous routine

that has rigorous routine of studying 8 hours every day to some what not break that cycle to still go through those long stretch of us on a daily basis so back to my story the exam came in the year 2015 and it went away

in2016 on May 10th 2016 when the results had to be announced and all candidates for holding their bet including me that moment arrived and I can’t even begin to describe how it felt to have secured the first rank how unbelievable it felt that feeling of victory that feeling of triumph but

and that’s the sad part and the hard part this success did not come to me walking with a hand of bouquet in with a bouquet in hand this success did not welcome me with open arms I think I am probably the only topper of

this prestigious examination who is made to feel so bad about her success and I think that time for the first time I realized how brutal how un forgiving how non-understanding Indian society can be how one individual can be targeted for

entire systems and structures that the Indian society lives in survives in and just how easy it is for people to sit back comfortably in their home and abuse somebody on the internet target one individual for something which is still

very hotly debated and contested in India I I can’t even begin to describe the psychological l trauma that that 22 year old who had just cleared the exam had to go through I can’t tell you how it felt that suddenly the eyes and ears

of the nation were on me but let me tell you I had never felt more responsible in my whole life responsible towards this nation towards the society towards this family towards my family towards myself to prove my worth

my credibility so I just decided there and then I would never let any negativity wipe the smile of my face and I went to the is Academy in Missouri with an open heart and mind with a single-minded goal of excelling now many of you

have heard about the ice Academy in Missouri and with all its beauty and splendors I would like to tell you that it’s not a vacationing spot it’s a highly competitive space where everybody is pushed to their potential and if you don’t

 actively participate in your training you lose your rank your rank changes so here I was again back to square one the rigorous schedule of doing hard work of being sincere of being dedicated to a cause was back because here I again

had to face competition from the cream of the country now you know I was just like most of you right out of Delhi University with not much experience of the real world with absolutely no work experience and here I was competing

with MBA graduates with iit engineers with doctors what will happen to a mere political science graduate like me I had to compete in subjects like management like economics just may make me a teenivy so how do I do

I used to spend long-asski ki kuch toh Ajay I used to take help from my batch mates I used to take help from the faculty so that even if I can’t be the best in those subjects which I can’t because I’m not an expert of them

I at least don’t lag far behind I usedto look for my strengths points I’m good in law I’m good in fall signs I’m good in history or even focus on subjects which I usually ignored like C language subjects like Hindi I used to work for them how do

IAS officer 1 Rank Victory Beyond The Mountain

I maintain my rank my rank which everybody so questioned during this time I also met the companion of my life and let me tell you deciding.

and let me tell you that deciding to marry someone who comes from a very different religion and culture was not an easy one and as you can imagine I was again in the line of fire many were displeased SRQ career Cassie was active okay

so sucked but then I realized I am NOT a box of chocolates waiting to please everyone I would ultimately do what I feel is right for me and therefore I went ahead and married the man I loved so while these personal upheavals were happening

I was still under training still had a lot to prove then so many were just waiting to see me fall because somehow it’s it’s just very easy to criticize to be negative to bring people down still had a long way to go

we were sent to districts according to our respective cutters for a year

-long district training and I was privileged to get trained by one of the best collectors in Rajasthan Sri Gaurav Goyal he groomed me he not only was a hard taskmaster who used to give me a sign mails which you know

I would literally die completing but at the same time always motivate me and tell me that Tina never think that you are less than anyone and I probably owe a lot to him be cause the kind of officer that I claim

I am right now it’s been him who’s been shaping me all this file after the year-long district training we been back to the Academy and again the Academy will resumed this time we had more experience since we had seen

the ground realities the grueling schedule began again Academy extra curricular assessments and finally even that moment arrived when the ranks had to be recalculated and I can’t tell you this was probably the hardest thing

I had to ever do in my life because nobody had to face this sort of probably nobody in my batch had so much pressure on them and had to face this sort of desire to keep on proving them selves that no I deserve to be here

I’m capable of this and then yes the moment of truth came and I secured the first rank in the order of merit I somehow through all that hard work sincerity dedication of not losing sight of things not letting people get to me  managed to score the highest when the UPSC marks along with the two years of trading were added and

I I got this beautiful metal the President of India metals gold medal for coming first in Order of Merit so while the fire in me was probably ignited by all those armchair critics who always doubted but what sailed me through was the desire to prove what

 I was truly capable of and now nobody can take that away from me nobody can question this

I think that what began with doubts with questions with criticisms is now firmly grounded in continued excellence and my credibility has been restored now coming to you my dear friends all your life you will face situations where everyone in the world

will be against you where everyone will keep outing you everyone will criticize you you  will feel you’re without help a tall you have not cleared this exam oh you’ve still not landed a good job please don’t let that get to you

when the going gets tough the tough get going that is this really the time you have to be brave and strong strong enough to have faith in yourself believe in your dreams and goals and brave enough to brush off your worst critics

with a smile on your face and believe me you do this things fall into place that’s what I have learnt from my own experience everything works in the form of a lifecycle everything will take care of itself eventually and it will

if you have faith and you keep moving forward if you have faith and you keep moving on

thank you

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