Mantra to focus in studies

Mantra to focus in studies 

The new session is going to start. Mantra to focus in studies Children’s sports days are also coming to an end, and from now on for the 10-12 Board Exam, children will start working hard.

Many children complain that they study a lot, but they do not get as many good numbers as the children who study less than them.

So let’s know the reasons that prevent you from getting good numbers.

Interruptions in studies:

  1. Not to do regular studies –

Many of you will be children who study only during exam days. Or start reading a few days before the exam.

  1. Giving more time in cricket or any other game –

Playing is very important for both physical and mental health. But spending more time watching cricket or any other game is not only a hindrance to your health as well as your studies.

  1. Being more interested in T.V or Internet –

It is good to see news or other informative programs, but there are many things on T.V and Internet which not only waste our time but also make us unable to study.

  1. Laziness –

Laziness in children is the biggest reason for their failure. It is not that the children whose numbers are good, their intelligence is much faster than your intelligence. There is only one quality in them, they are constantly engaged without laziness.

Mantra to focus in studies – Padhai Me Man Lagane Ka Mantra

1 .. Complete every work on time. When we have developed this habit since childhood, nothing can stop us from being successful. Do not try to postpone the work and complete it at the same time. With this habit, you will be able to do your studies from time to time.

  1. Exercise is the best way to keep both your health and your mind fit. Exercise at least 20 minutes.
  2. Many children want to study but their mind starts running around. Meditation is the best way to concentrate your mind. The best way to meditate for children is to sit at a quiet place and count to 1-100. This will also increase your memory.
  3. Instead of reading at night, get up early in the morning and practice reading – in the morning our mind is refreshed so that any topic that is missed gets memorized quickly.
  4. T.V., mobile, should set the time to play and play the same time and T.V. See Never keep mobile with you while reading.
  5. After remembering any chapter, revise it after one week. Then revise after 1 month, this chapter is sure to remember.
  6. Keep one of your goals and keep repeating it like I have to bring 90% marks this year.
  7. Parents should not see T.V while studying for their children, due to this, the mind of the child does not feel in the study.
  8. Start studying from the beginning of the session so that every chapter will be covered comfortably. There will be no tension during the exam, so that you will be able to perform well in the exam.
  9. Always keep Positive Attitude. It happens in our life as we think.

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