New Education Policy 2020 Top Questions

New Education Policy 2020 Top Questions

1.  When will this new Does education policy come into force for class 10 to 2020? Will the board’s class 10th examination be held in 2020 or not?

Answer-: This education policy will be implemented in the new session of 2020 and no examination will be held in 2020

New Education Policy 2020 Top Questions
New Education Policy 2020 Top Questions

2. Do students have to do 12th grade in the new education policy?

Answer- It will not apply to students who have 12 classes.

3. How long will the new education policy be approved in India?

New education policy will be passed in this session

4. The best subject in class 11 and 12 according to the new education policy?


Answer- It depends on your choice we didn’t say one subject is good and another subject is not good

5. Can a student now study two degree courses as per the new education policy 2020? What is the change?

Answer- Yes, this is the important thing about this education policy. Students can study in two different courses.

6. According to the new education policy, students who now come in the final year also have to do 4-year graduation to go into the research field?

Answer- No, the students who are going to complete their graduation is not required, this will be applicable for the new students coming.

7. According to the new education policy, can commerce students study science?

Answer- In this new education policy 2020, every student can change their subject yearly.

8. Should I take a drop to prepare for the JEE exam and will the introduction of a new education policy affect my decision?

Answer- We didn’t recommend dropping your decision. You have to carry on with your further study in your field.

9. On which class students can select their subject according to the new education policy?

 Answer- Students choose their subjects in the 9th class according to the new education policy 2020.

10. Under the new education policy,2020 is it necessary for teachers who obtained Bed and currently working in schools need to do further bed

Answer- In New Education Policy every Teacher needs a qualified degree of Bed.

11 How it is going to be for a student after intermediate with this new education policy?

Answer- We think its good for students. They can better plan for the Future.

12  How would the new education policy affect the students who want to pursue MBBS in India?

Answer- still there is effects that want to study in MBBS.

13 When Will the New Education Policy 2020 be implemented in govt schools of Delhi?

Answer- In Delhi or further another state its implemented in 2020.

14  My son wants to join 11th class but as per new education policies What will be the subject

Answer- Every the school have their subject choice according to the availability of their resources like lab, ground, a teacher you can find your specific answer to go to the school.

15 New education the policy put an impact on private coaching centers?

Answer- No, we didn’t think about that because all the subjects are still in the study so they have to carry on.

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