Responsibility Short Motivational for success

Responsibility Short Motivational

Friends, one key is needed to open the door to advancement. That is the key – responsibility. When you accept responsibility, then you are opening the door to your success.Responsibility Short Motivational for success

The person who accepts the responsibility never sits hand-in-hand, he never sits in wait that his life will get better without doing anything.

The person taking responsibility writes his own  fortune, he completes his work with sincerity which gives him both Satisfaction and happiness.Responsibility Short Motivational for success

We all make a lot of mistakes in our life but the person who understands his responsibilities or takes responsibility never imposes his mistakes on others, does not blame someone else, but accepts his mistakes, and never takes them.

Learns  to repeat. With all the negative people in this world and those who get rid of their responsibilities, whenever something bad happens to them, they blame others.

Responsibility Short Motivational for success

Most people take credit immediately if something good happens, but very few people are those who accept their responsibility in case of mistake by themselves.

Motivational for success
Responsibility Short Motivational for success

A person who understands his responsibility never blames others. You must have seen many people when they start blaming all of them on their own like their parents, friends, God, relatives, planetary constellations, gurus, destiny, if anything goes wrong with   themselves.

Such people are very dangerous because these people are about to seek shortcuts in every work. If they want to be successful, they will look for a shortcut, they will be seen to have big dreams in their mind,

but when they are asked to do something, they will not take any step or understand their responsibility for it. The person who accepts responsibility does not just dream, lives those dreams,  unites them day and night to fulfill them.

But those who do not understand their responsibility  are seen complaining and sitting in a corner crying or are seen passing time in the street. We can become a good citizen of this country only when we are ready to bear our own burden.

When we are assigned a task and we ask him to do something to another, that second to a third and that third to a fourth, then that work will just go round and round, never be completed nor will it People will ever be successful,

who will be seen putting their responsibility on the shoulders of others. If you want to be great, then understand the value of your responsibility.Responsibility Short Motivational for success

Be prepared to bear your own burden rather than blaming others. A good person never becomes good by his deeds or inefficiency, but by understanding his responsibility.

Ramu was a watchman and worked as a night watchman. There was such a belief about Ramu that whatever he dreamed would come true.

Its owner used to travel by bus every week for business purposes. One morning the owner was preparing to go on a journey,

when Ramu reached there and said to the owner, ‘Please go out for business on the second day, maybe there is an accident in the bus today.’ Decided to go and Ramu did exactly what he said, just hit a tree.

When the owner came to know about this, he immediately called Ramu and offered him a reward. He also fired Ramu from his job.

Do you know why Ramu was fired? Because Ramu was a watchman and had to keep him awake at night, but he would sleep and dream in the night. He did not understand his responsibility, so he had to lose his job.

Friends, we have to understand our responsibility, we have to move forward while doing our work with honesty, only when we take the responsibility will we be able to move forward.

When every person understands his responsibility, when he stops imposing mistakes on others, only then we and our country will move forward.

When every citizen of the country is ready to bear the burden of responsibility on his shoulders, nothing can stop us from moving forward.

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