School Essays your chance to take Success

School Essays your chance to take Success

 School Essays are a game that you can win. Wouldn’t it be grand to shoot to the top of the class every time you write an essay for your homework?

School Essays your chance to take Success And that is just a start! School essays can help you win in school exams, college exams, resumes, writing books, making speeches, writing letters to the editor… and the list goes on…

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the teachers look at you with a new respect, and perhaps invite you to contribute articles to the school magazine, just because of your school essays. They will tell your employer that you are a master of expressing yourself.

Well, if you can entertain your friends with tall stories and jokes, you can learn to write exceptional school essays.

You could even make some extra pocket money while you are still at school. Some websites sell essays. If you learn to write school essays with plenty of variety, you can sell them to your classmates. Each school essay will have to be different, or the teacher will decide that copying is going on.

School Essays your chance to take Success

If I could do it, anybody can

My headmaster threatened to expel me because my last school report was the worst last report that anyone had ever received at his school.

It was uniformly bad. The best comment came from the Physics master who said that I could do better! How right he was!

School Essays your chance to take Success

I had just come across a book that showed me what fun it is to write school essays, and how to use them to pass exams. In the few months left before the final exams I shot to the top of every class where I had to write essays for homework.

We had what were known as “mock exams” in which we took exams that were as close to the final exams as the teachers could make them, to give us practice.

The Chemistry master apologized to me for thinking I was a no-hoper after he had marked my paper in the mock exams AND I DONE IN.

My headmaster pushed aside my application to continue with two advanced study years, because that would require me to pass 3 exams. When I passed 11 exams, he had to reconsider my application!

At University too, I found my writing ability was just what I needed.

Since then I have passed many tertiary exams, with essays giving me a decided advantage. As a member of a speech-making club, my knowledge of essay techniques allowed me to make well-organized talks.

I have had many articles published in The Organic Grower. Articles are just essays.

This is not the first website that I am creating on the Web. Web pages are just essays with a few bells and whistles added.

The book that introduced me to essay writing was written before multiple choice questions became popular, and it made no mention of the best modern study and organization techniques.

So I wrote a book on the subject – I who had hated writing at school wrote a book!

That book was written before the days of the Internet, so I am now busy re-writing it as web pages.

School Essays your chance to take controlOnce you master school essay you can look forward gleefully to college essays.


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