Study Skills for exam Opportunities

Study Skills for exam Opportunities

Why do you want to study skills?

Are you still at school? Then you probably just study at the time that your parents allocate for study. You study to pass your exams.

Study Skills for exam Perhaps you would like to amaze your friends with how well you did in your exams. Perhaps you would like lots of money and you can see that dropouts can’t do what you want to do with your money.

Are you at college or university? Now you are in charge of your time. Your parents no longer control your study time, so you are going to have to do it. If you don’t know why you are doing it, your study skills will be inadequate, and you will never enjoy success in your exams and later life.

Study Skills for exam Opportunities


Keep asking yourself why.

Why do you need to study skills? To pass the exams?

Why do you want to pass the exams? To get more money?

Have you worked out a career that will bring you in a high income with the exam passes that you are aiming for? Are you just hoping vaguely that something might come up, although you know that university graduates are delivering pizzas?

To succeed in tertiary education you need to do at least 45 hours of study per week, including lecture time. Face it! That is full-time work. Are the rewards for passing your exams enough to make full-time study worth it?

I read recently in an investment publication that it has been discovered that education is valuable. After hearing all of these horror stories about wasted university degrees here are some interesting facts.

If the head of a household didn’t pass his or her exams at high school, their net worth is about $21 thousand. However, for college graduates, the average figure is $146 800.

If you can’t find enough rewards to balance the effort of full-time study for a few years, perhaps you should think again about continuing your studies. You are going to be attracted to the opposite sex. Can you survive for three to seven years without allowing that interest to interfere with your study time?

My friend spent seven years as a dental student without much social contact at all and passed his exams easily. I paid $206 to my dentist recently for eighteen minutes of work. I think my dentist friend made the right decision!

Still, want study skills?

Great. You have worked out that the rewards are worth the effort. You have prepared yourself for the sacrifice of many distractions that you really enjoy to allow time for your study skills.

Prepare a certificate saying “I have decided to study for … years because my dreams are worth more to me than the distractions”. Frame it and put it up where you will see it every time you go into your study room. Read it aloud each time you go into your study room.

You should set up a room for study. Get photographs of all your dreams that you want to get with the money you earn from your study skills. Do you want a fancy car, a house, a house in a scenic location, pets, a yacht, a canoe? Put photographs of a German Shepherd wearing a blue ribbon up on the wall, if that is your dream. Cover the walls with pictures of what you want out of life.

Write a booklet about study skills

Visit these two sites and write your own booklet about their methods.

Yes, that’s right, there will lots of overlap between the two authorities, so you should start building your own brain map from the summary on the opening page of the first reference. You may need subsidiary brain maps.

Once you have everything on brain maps, rewrite a complete description in your own words, inserting your own ideas that are stimulated by the above websites. Your own words are best – nobody else will read them, so make sure that they have meaning for you. Make sure that you are completely clear about all the study skills, and how you will apply them.

Print your booklet on the computer, and read through it once a week so as to avoid overlooking any study skills. Use record cards or a reminder pad for all the ideas you get for study skills each week.


To reach any of these dreams that you have targeted you will have to pass through a bottleneck – exams. Who do you think will get a better agriculture exam pass? An expert in exam techniques, or someone who has lived all his life on a farm but can’t express himself very well?

You always expect an expert to perform best, so why should an expert in exam techniques be any different?

My brother is an artistic genius, and I can’t draw a picture to save my life. Study Skills for the exam I got better marks in my art exam than my brother did, because I used exam techniques, and he produced good art.

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