Successful 10 Tips Will Make You Topper !!

These 10 Tips Will Make You Topper !!

In education system in which all our students are living today, we are told only about the Importance Successful 10 Tips in the life of Marks and Successful 10 Tips Will Make You Topper !!Grades since childhood and every one of us becomes a student’s dream to be a Topper.

We always think that man How would these people study so much ??Successful 10 Tips Will Make You Topper !!

It is possible that you are a good student and you just need the right direction, so friends, you have come to the right article, reading is a book, we all know but what is the correct strategy that no one can tell us and we often do these

Fights in questions- 10th topper kaise bane, 12th topper kaise bane, bina padhe topper kaise bane, 12th me topper kaise bane, topper kaise bane book, maths me topper kaise bane, class mein topper kaise bane, topper banne ke tips So friends, you will get the answers to all

such questions in this article by explaining it very well.

You just read this entire article and follow the tips and tricks mentioned in it and I can give you full guarantee.

If you apply some percentage of them too, then definitely your performance will definitely grow in the paper and if you follow it completely, then I fully assure you that you will definitely do the top.

Successful 10 Tips Will Make You Topper !!

1 Avoid Last Minute Preparations

Hello friends, welcome all of you friends in student, we start from the schedule of every student’s everyday life, friends, we go to school every day from school to home, tuition to home, home to tuition and then to sleep.

He spends his entire day and does schoolwork and tuition homework in the remaining time, in such a time when a student’s full time is out, he does not even know and survives by taking it, only one month before the examination and in the same month.

We throw our hands and feet for our good marks or pass it only. Last minute preparation and friends, this last-minute preparation often depresses and demotivated us the most before the paper.

See friends, I am talking about those people who have never paid attention to their syllabus nor did they check the schedule of the paper, when the last 1 month is left for the examination and then it is read.

When you start, you find “Dude, most of the things I don’t know”, then the questions become obligatory, getting up.

Hey sir !! The question is big, friend, I have never read this, I am not talking about everyone, friends, especially people who are of this type or they are such that they do not open the book throughout the year and are upset in the last minute.

Doing more, and in the month of the end, just add to the last minute preparation, the last minute preparation starts putting you in even more depression because when you see that you are not having these questions, then you are more upset.

Go physically and mentally too, because after that you start reading 10-10, 12-12 hours a day and just reading your health and everything except everything, no matter whoever it is, for so long.

Can’t focus because the truth is friends, we study for just an hour, at least 2 hours and then some time is seen here and there is some time, when there are districts here there, when 8 hours are gone and many People still believe in the fact that brother.

I studied for 8 hours, I studied for 10 hours and many people are just so big Seeing the syllabus itself makes many people moan, then they get upset and resort to the new syllabus and buy many new books of different study material,

many new papers are added to all of the unsold paper masterminds and this is your paper point. If you are too much wrong with the off you,

then it is better to avoid plastic net preparation as much as possible and it would be better to do 2233 hours of study in a focused way, because it is better that you last month I do not just revise, try to cover the entire syllabus, friends,

I am not saying that last minute preparation should not be done but it should have some different strategy. Maybe a separate article on the last one will come soon. I will tell you all the important tips and tricks related to depression, so friends by connected with student motivation.

2Go along with a better plan

Friends, the top quality of a Topper is his planning his strategy that he studies. Friends are therefore important that you have a good strategy especially if you have to face the Board Exam.

Now the question arises that what kind of planning …… you can set monthly goals, what you have to archive in this month, that is to say that I mean something in such a way that you can set up the

paper 4 months left and you have to complete your Maths course, then you will plan something like that I have 15 lessons and I have to revise all before the paper within 3 months. 5 a month, 5 a month, 5 Revision of all in one month.

Friends, if you read with this strategy, then it is sure that there will be a lot of better battery for you, rather than being unplanned, I will have to read you fully planed and it was just an exam, friends

if you want many more You can make a truck and plan for the exam, you can set your target for your paper for your upcoming month, what to do that will help you in the paper.

Successful 10 Tips

3 Avoid over study

Friends, some of you may find it strange to me, but the truth is that if you are studying for a Particular Paper Eg JEE MAINS / ADVANCE, NEET OR UPSC or you are a syllabus for a certain purpose. If you are reading.

then you should pay special attention to this thing that you have read there which is useful. from the point of view of paper, rather than that its book is going to give so much knowledge because friends, if your focus will be on many things or remember too much.

If you try to do it, then it is certain that you can forget something. Which is completely wrong examination point of view. Yes, but I also say that you should also be on the side of gaining focus knowledge, man,

I am trying to say that you should fully understand what you are reading,

but always remember what is missing. Keep it because at the time of paper you are going to get very less time, in revising all those things that you have read throughout the year,

it is right that you study those things which are more important for you, especially for those who have Did not even see his syllabus properly. And once the exam is over, you can

4 Giving priority to all subjects

Friends, all of us have heard the saying that the five fingers of the hands are not the same as yours, so no work is the same for everyone, but friends, this proverb will have to be changed a bit in terms of examination,

here we have to understand that the five of our hands Fingers are equal, all our subjects matter to us equally if you want to be a topper because what happens friend, we start changing the practice of subjects in a very short time according but according to our choice

It is important to understand that if you want to top the paper, then all the subjects will have to be read, some people should not be hammered by this and argue that later on, we have to master someone from the subject.

My friends career after graduation, a Particular Let’s go about the subject and if you think about it from now on, then you will definitely fail to qualify the rest of the subject, so right now it will be for you to keep all your subjects on equal priority basis.

5 Learn from your old mistakes

Friends, what someone has said is that we should often learn from the mistakes of others because if we start learning from our mistakes then the whole life will fall short, but friends, when it comes to this study, first we should learn from our mistakes.

One should always obeserve, out of all the exams you have given so far, what are your mistakes that where you have left behind and what things you need to improve, have problems in your writing or your writing speed or Then you could not remember some facts,

you just analyze what caused you to fall behind and where you need to improve. Write them on a notebook and try your best to rectify each mistake. And believe that you will be able to see your better performance yourself in the next test.

If you go to your teacher for this, if you will request him politely.

6 Always be inspired

Friends, always try to be as happy and motorized as possible, because it is a journey to understand that it is a journey that you have to spend and if you live this journey by staying happy and motorized, then of course your path will be very smooth, friends.

If you are studying exams, you are doing special for boys, then it will happen to you many times that you will be depressed that you will be motivated when you will not be able to reach your right level that you exist in such a friend.

Have to face the truth and make your mistake real, because ups and downs will continue to come in this journey, somewhere you will get praise and praise, then somewhere you will get Demontivation, but you will have this bad time in your Negative Motivation.

You have to change the reprimand that you have to stand and you will have to make the same clothes motivation when people say that you cannot do this work then you do not have to be afraid to show it by working

7 Development of listening habit

Friends are often the reason for not coming to us, we do not have the habit of hearing, we often do not pay attention when thinking that the teacher is teaching in school; What will happen in such a situation

friends, that you are unable to concentrate anywhere and gradually it becomes your habit that the teacher is teaching something and cannot seem to understand the day when your eyes are open then you understand What’s going on man and now where do I start?

Sometimes this becomes a reason for not being able to become your topper. Because half your understanding is done by yourself if you listen to your teacher in a simple way. And sometimes it becomes very helpful

8 Previous years question papers will prove to be effective

The best way to top the exam is to know the pattern of exam paper, for that you should revise the question paper of the last few years, this will give you an idea of ​​what kind of questions you are going to ask and you According to your preparation,

you can also use them to check yourself how much better your preparations are and maybe 42 to 50% of your paper will make them question paper of previous years correct. And if you do not have exam paper, today is the age of the Internet.

From the State Board to Central Boots, will you find previous years question papers in the official sites and maybe you can also get the model paper.

9 Self-study with a systematic time table

Working with Best Daily Study Time Table for Successful 10 Tips Will Make You Topper !!

Friends, as I told you, being a topper is an achievement. Becoming a topper is a Journey, that journey will begin. You have a very important role in this journey of your Time Table from a good Time Table.

There are always many people who do not like to follow a Time Table but I have something for them too. For those who still do not know what a good time table should be, for your study,

I have already made an article for it and go and read it on the Daily Study Time Table,

I have already written an article for that, I will give you the link here I am going to study this article by clicking on it, in which I have explained very well how your time table should be and how you should make the time table.

The next people who have a lot of difficulty in following the time table or whose schedule It is such that if he does not wish to do this then you will start setting Weekly-Task for yourself.

For example that I will complete 2 Lesson of Mathematics this week, I will complete 1 Lesson of Science and will complete two Lesson in Hindi SST.

The Three Lesson Complet In this way, you will sit comfortably on Sunday and set your mission, your target for your next week and try to get it 100% complete,

even if it is not 100% in the starting, You are doing progress and gradually when it starts to be 100% and it will be even better by seeing your daily study timetable

10 Stay away from social media

Limited Your Social Media

Friends, in today’s time, we are connected to social media, from each other to our friend from Relative and also as a student many times social media is very helpful for us because many friends who are associated with different educational Whatsapp Groups

Take and read the article is really useful for them, but if you want really good marks, then you have to learn to limit it. I do not say that you should get away from the entire Internet and online world, but a new one soon.

Article is coming up Best Sites For Students where I will give you information about many such sites which will be much better for you, to be connected to Students for Student

11 Be confident

Be Self Confidence and Inspired

Friends, it is very important that for student or if you are in any profession in the future, you should remain confident on yourself.

It is not that you have a thought, then you have an idea, that someone has changed it in one go, in such a way, you will become very much demotivated by yourself and lose your Confidence, .

you should learn to decide for yourself that for you the most What is better because no one knows you better than yourself because you should not think too much about what people say, recently we have an article published on this site on Student,

even if you can see it too. Can read more Very Beautiful Poetry Link I will give you here.

12 Ensure your preferences

Set Up Your Priorities Successful 10 Tips Will Make You Topper !!

Friends, this is a very simple fund, you cannot keep your focus all over your priorities.

There should be only one or two. For Student of the Board, it is possible that you will be better in many other things, but if you have to focus on that which is most important for you, then you select the things on which you need to focus the most.

Otherwise what happens is we do a lot of work. Because of which we are not able to manage our time and what is our important work is left. Of course if you are reading this article, then one of your priority will also be your exam.

13 Work On Your Mind Power With Meditation

Friends, as I have told before, Quantity Matter does not do in Study, even if we do work of Quality Study, then the study will be much better, then the question arises that how should Quality Study be done ??

Focus is an important factor for that, the day you catch a bird named Focus, on that day you will undoubtedly become a Topper because if you can read something once and remember it properly then it is better.

And what can happen if you do not have it, then it would be best for you to learn to meditate because Meditation has a lot of power, my friend.

But the problem is how to do meditation, Lord !!! So friends, I want to tell you clearly that by meditation

Successful 10 Tips Will Make You Topper !! I mean just sitting in a cool low light place and concentrating the mind at one point.

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