Successful 6 Tips for preparing for the bank exam

Tips for preparing for the bank exam

In today’s time, every youth wants a bank job. Away from the mess of the private sector, they want a government bank job, from engineers to ordinary graduates also want a bank job in today’s time.

The time to work in the bank is fixed, as well as the benefits of pension and PF. Nowadays there is a glut of private government banks, who keep recruiting new ones every day.

Like other government jobs, bank jobs also have different positions, qualifications, job profile, salary. But there are only three profiles for fresher –

  • Clerk or Single Window Operator (SWO)
  • Provisional Officer (PO)
  • Specialist Officer

Successful 6 Tips for preparing for the bank exam

Successful 6 Tips for preparing for the bank exam

PO exam, clerk exam, IBPS and RRB exam are conducted for these profiles. For PO and Clerk exam, there is an examination twice a year, while for Specialist Officer, there is an examination once a year.

When you want to give paper, make sure you start preparing. All these topics of bank paper are covered –

Subjects appearing in serial number paper

  1. Reasoning
  2. Quantitative aptitude or numerical reasoning
  3. Computer Knowledge
  4. General awareness
  5. English

You are being told in detail below for the preparation of the bank.

  1. Plan – Preparation is the first step, you must first ensure your job profile. Read all the things related to the exam carefully, and after filling the exam form, see how much time you get for preparing.
  2. You also have to plan whether you want to prepare for the bank by yourself, or you want to prepare for it by going to an institution.
  3. Preparation of the bank by going to the institute – Today many institutes are present in every city for preparing the bank, even in the smallest villages of the city, you will find them. You can choose them according to your wish.
  4. Take a 3-day demo class before depositing the fee, only go ahead if you like. The fees here are 6 thousand to 10 thousand. There are tests in coaching every week, so that you can assess your preparation.
  5. Disadvantages of going to bank coaching –

This coaching of the bank has become a means of earning money in today’s time, in the name of studies, the syllabus kit will be handed over to you, and after solving 1-2 questions in class, you will be asked for a self study.

  • wastage of time
  • Waste of Money
  • distracts attention
  • Coaching people always say that they will teach you short tricks. But if the values ​​are correct then chances of correct answer are very less with a short trick. You can learn self tricks only through your practice.
  • If the coaching teacher gets all the tricks so well, then why is he leaving a job of 40 thousand in a bank and taking a class at Rs 300-400. Actually, that teacher himself is a student preparing for the bank, whose election is not done and he starts coaching.

Do not fall under the pretext of coaching and concentrate in self study.

  1. Self Study – Preparation of the bank can also be done at home by yourself, for this you need a little understanding and a correct time table. Benefits of self study
  • You can do your studies according to your speed. Give more to the subject you feel needs more time. You do not have to ask anyone for this.
  • You can study the study material of your choice.
  • Saves time, which you can use by giving your weak subject.
  • Most important, money is also depicted.
  1. Pay attention to all the topics – The subject that comes in the bank is mentioned above. You should give time to each subject as per your wish, which is difficult, more of it, less of what is simple. How to prepare for each subject, I will tell you –Successful 6 Tips for preparing for the bank exam

Reasoning – This is the main part in the bank’s paper. With its good grip you can get good numbers. There are 4 options of questions in this part of the paper, from which one has to choose.

There are questions about relative, direction, shape. Short trick in reasoning It is very moving, which you can learn from more practice. Reasoning should always be done in solitude, in solitary environment, by concentrating.

Many books of Reasoning are available in the market, you can do it from these books or from the book of study material.

  • Quantitative aptitude or numerical reasoning – It involves questions related to mathematics. Inside it, questions related to class, geometry, seed mathematics, number system, ratio, percentage, interest principal, equations come.

To solve this section, it is important that your maths should be good. If you are in school, college, and are preparing for a bank together, then you start focusing more on maths. If the base is good, then mathematics never seems to be difficult, instead it gets included in the favorite subject. Those who have not studied Maths from Commerce, Bio, Arts, may suffer here.

But this is not difficult. If you are studying self, then you can apply coaching for this subject, which will make you easier. Start solving the same type of maths more and more.

  • English – English scoring subject is included in the bank’s paper. If your English is good, you can pass bank paper by bringing more marks. In the bank exams, there are many people, who do not pay attention in English and study only as they pass.

If your English is good, you will benefit from it. You can go to the Bank’s coaching for English, where you can also study only English. The bank’s paper contained the English word meaning, grammar, paragraph.

  • General knowledge – The bank paper also brings questions about general awarness. In this, politics is asked about individuals, sports, markets, agriculture.

The current comes about. Therefore, pay special attention to this subject from 6 months before the paper, get information about it through news, newspapers, books. You keep on noting important things, which will make it easier to read at the time of revision.

  • Computer – In today’s time all the work is done in computer, in which case the bank is also not behind. Now all the work of the bank is done by computer, so the questions related to the computer are asked to the candidate.

There are very easy, minor questions about computers, about which you will understand it after reading them a little. This is also the scoring subject.

  1. Try extra – you choose any means of preparation, but separate preparation is very important.

Understand the exam pattern

  • Solve as many questions as possible in a short time, keep a stop watch, then see how many questions you are able to solve.
  • Study daily, this will boost your confidence.
  • Take out the complete information of the bank you want to take the exam and the bank you want to join, and study it well.
  • Solve previous years’ papers.
  • Create a time table, follow the daily routine
  • Take the online test
  • Study sometimes with friends who are preparing for it.
  • Successful 6 Tips for preparing for the bank exam

Everyone has their own way of preparing the bank, I have shared this with my experience. If you have any other information, then share it with us.


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