Top 10 Benefits of Government Job

Top 10 Benefits of Government Job

Profit in government job is more and only benefit. India, this is the only job in which money is given for not working!Top 10 Benefits of Government Job There are very few people who are doing it honestly.

We offer our gratitude to all government employees who work honestly. However, some people have kept it as a base of loot. Have any government employees ever treated you right or wrong then tell them in the comment box below.

Government Job Meaning

The word job is something that everyone has to face. Some people work to fulfill their needs and some people work for Experience. Everyone has a cause. Some people do the job even without wanting it because they have no other option other than job.

As you read in the post title, the benefits of a government job! No matter how much the man is from Hifi’s house, his parents want my child to do a government job. Government job is something else.

The Bitter Truth Does Not Apply to Everyone

There is a lot of craze for government jobs even in upper higher class. This is many times a good job in the Comparison of Private Job. Government job only means comfortable job! Whether it is work or not, Salary will come! With some… earning!

You must have understood the meaning of…. There are many departments and posts in government jobs. The position has its own status and… has its own! Got it No Time !, No Work! but Fix Salary +… = Fat earning. … Is by post!

Top 10 Benefits of Government Job

Talking about some states of India, Google’s CEO’s job is small in front of Peon’s government job there! In such places, if it is such a job, then if it is not government then let it be! Well whatever government job is government.

I will tell you one more thing. For higher studies (Graduation, Masters and Ph. D), college needs government, job is government but when it comes time for admission of children, we only look at private school.

Even who is doing government job also wants to teach his child in private school. Whenever it comes to Medical, Hospital, we definitely want to study from

Government Medical College but do not get treatment from Government Hospital! Despite all this, the government job is government.

Today, the maximum staff technical degree is in the banking sector. This is the situation in all departments of government jobs. Student B.Tech MBA also want to do Group D government job because here is Job Secure.

Did you know why people are crazy about government jobs?

1 On Time Salary (pay on time)

The best thing about a government job is On Time Salary. There is no Tension even if On Time Salary cannot be found in a month. Salary is safe. The country’s GDP is reduced or increased is your Salary Fix.

2 Prestige (honor)

As soon as the government job was approved, the honor would get increased. The perception of people towards you is different. Salary does not matter. It is just a government job!

[Case Study] What would people say today is the biggest disease!

3 Low Work Pressure

Work Pressure in Government Job is very less! No such urgent work has to be done today! There is little responsibility but little! There is no dead line of any work. There is light work pressure only in the banking sector.

4 Time Flexibility

There is a lot of freedom in government jobs. There is no shortage of free time. After 10 to 4 Office Time you remain Completely free. Last year, the RBI offered Flexible Work Time to its Officers.

Top 10 Benefits of Government Job

5 Holidays (Holiday)

Weekend is enjoyed by all Professionals but in addition to Weekend in government job there are many holidays. India is a country full of festivals. Those in government jobs get discharged at all festivals. Central Govt Job has about 4 months holiday in a year!

Calculation: There are many government jobs in which Saturday and Sunday are two days off. If 52 weeks happen in 1 year then 52 * 2 = 104 Holidays. Survived 16 days then

National Holiday: Republic Day, Labors Day, Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti. Apart from this, Mahashivratri, Holi, Ram Navami, Mahavir Jayanti,

Good Friday, Buddha Purnima, Eid ul Fitr, Bakrid, Dussehra, Muharram, Deepawali, Guru Nanak Jayanti, Christmas.

6 Pension Till Death

The best thing about a government job is the pension scheme. After retirement from government job, the government gives you pension till your last breath. Why should you give your whole life continuously?

Those working in government jobs do not have to think about old age. If you are not there, your spouse will get this pension till the last breath!

7 All Types of Allowances (All Government Facility)

Government job takes care of you a lot. It gives DA, TA and HRA keeping in mind your extra expenses.

DA: Dearness Allowance (Dearness Allowance)

TA: Travel Allowance (Traveling Allowance)

HRA: House Rent Allowance (House Rent)

If you are working in railway then railway gives you free pass. Confirm Ticket is available at Pass. If the pass is over, you feel one third fare.

8 Increment and Promotion (increment and promotion)

Time is fixed for Promotion and Salary increment in government job. For this, no extra work is required, nor any Milestone Complete has to be done.

The time is over with Promotion as well as Salary Increment. If the Central Government implemented the Pay Commission, then the salary is sure to be charred.

9 Feel Like King (King)

Everyone wants government money and just think how much fun it will be if you get a chance to live abroad at government expense! There is no cost to yourself and outing of foreign separately. In many government jobs, you get different types of allowances.

Many of the facilities you get under these allowances are borne by the government. In the government job, along with Medical Leave, a full month salary is also on hand and for medical treatment separately, Medical Allowance (Medical Key Allowance).

Not only this, the facility of free checkup is also available in any government hospital, then what is the matter, find a government job and become a king!

10 Strong Financial Help

Who does not need money Sometimes, money is needed in Urgent for some work. In such a situation, you get a loan easily on the basis of a job in a government job and the rate of interest on it is less than normal.

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